We produce our products in Yatagan, Denizli, Turkey as ForSword and SwordBuy. Yatagan is a town in which swords used to be produced for Ottoman Empire Soldiers during the 16th century when important wars were happened.  The word “Yatagan” comes from a type of sword that was used by Ottoman Yeniceri soldiers. Yatagan swords used to be produced in our town and its name comes from this type of sword. We have been continuing our art that we inherited from our ancestors for centuries. As SwordBuy brand, we started to send our swords to all over the world in 2016. We were getting many orders or requests from many countries so we decided to create Swordbuy.com. You can see the durability of our swords by watching our test videos.  We guarantee all our products. We produce all our products traditionally. We are trying to produce swords which have worth of Ottoman Empire’s war achievements. We devoted all our time and effort  to this art. We are two partners; One of ours is a sword maker and other of us is an engineer.
You may think about us that we are crazy but we love our art. In our video, we made tests that many swords in the world cannot pass. May be, you are right: We are really crazy.
We guarantee quality for all our products. We pay for shipping costs. (Buyer is responsible for the customs taxes) Morever, we send another product in case of any damage during the shipping process. All responsibility belongs to us. All swords are shipped in their specially designed boxes. All our products are sharp. We have all the documents and permissions to do this profession.  There are not any customs problems because it is packaged very well. If the product does not arrive your address, it is our responsibility and your fee will be refunded immediately.